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Very little of my writing is imaged on this site, but I am working to include more. I am converting all my work on here to flashpaper pages--a wonderful, seamless application of technology--where you can easily view and print the work. Just click on any link to see what I mean.

What this means for the short-term is that a lot of the work is down. What I have back up are essays from my time at MIT; for the holidays, a short story called disconnect that I wrote a few years ago; my undergraduate honors thesis, which is a series of loosely woven fictional vignettes; and my graduate thesis, which is a study of the neurophysiology of dreaming.


During my graduate program in Science Writing at MIT, I had the chance to work with a variety of brilliant writers and scientists, all of whom focused on different aspects of the writing process and on different styles and audiences. These essays represent samples of some of the more creative work I turned in for some of the writing projects. I also wrote plenty of more technical work while I was there, but I feel that the news writing samples from the Boston Globe better demonstrate more critical writing than much of the process writing I composed at MIT. So the examples of work I am making available from my time at MIT are all more literary than technical in their exploration of scientific ideas.

mit essays: